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Conservatory Garden View

The Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, a landmark on Belle Isle, has been at its present site since 1904. It was designed by Albert Kahn and occupies a thirteen-acre parcel of land shared by the formal perennial gardens, rose garden and lily pond garden. It was reconstructed during the years 1952 through 1954 and the wood beams were replaced with aluminum.

The Conservatory was dedicated to Mrs. Whitcomb who left her Conservatory Front Entrance 600 plant orchid collection to the City of Detroit when she died in 1953. The Conservatory is divided into five distinct sections. It covers more than one acre and features a dome eighty-five feet high, two wings to the North and South, and a show house on the East side. The dome provides 100,600 cubic feet of space for large palms and other tropical trees. The South wing contains tropical plants of economic importance such as bananas, oranges, coffee, sugar cane, and orchids, among others. The North wing hosts the extensive collections of ferns, cacti and succulents. The Showhouse was remodeled during 1980 and 1981. It has a continuous display of blooming plants during the six major flower seasons of the year. The Conservatory provides an overall look at the world of horticulture.

The Conservatory also has one of the largest municipally owned orchid collections in the country, made possible by donations from various benefactors, including 600 orchids from the collection Anna Scripps Whitcomb, an avid orchid breeder and grower.
Conservatory Show House Winter DisplayFlower Shows
Seasonal Flower Displays include:

Winter, Easter, Mother’s Day, Summer,
Chrysanthemum and Christmas.

Hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Wednesday - Sunday  Admission is FREE

For current show information, call
(313) 821-5428.

Winter Flower Show Winter Flower Show

Enjoy an array of summer colors this winter season as Cyclamen in hot pink, lavender, purple, and red compliment the yellow, orange, red and lavender Kalanchoe blooms.  Camelia in red, pink and white and Angel’s Trumpet in peach and pink enhance the display located in the Conservatory Show House.

Easter Flower ShowEaster Flower Show

Enjoy an array of spring colors as the traditional waxy white Easter lilies are incorporated with the pink and yellow Kalanchoe and Hybrid Lilies.  The yellow Genista offsets pink and white Primrose, combined with the Cineraria in pink, purple and white, Azalea and Cyclamen in pink, purple, white and red.   The display is set against the background of greenery located in the show house.

Mothers Day Flower Show Mother's Day Flower Show

The display of Mom’s favorites includes Epiphyllum, Amaryllis in pink, orange, white, red and bi-colors, Angel’s Trumpet in white, pink, yellow and peach, accented by vibrant Chenille, Azalea, and Hibiscus.

Summer Flower ShowSummer Flower Show

Tropical vibes fill the conservatory.  In addition to the Palm trees and tropical ferns, the show house will offer a kaleidoscope of color.  The vibrance of the Gerbera Daisy and Fuchsia compliment the Coleus, Caladium, New Guiena Impatiens and Geranium.  Angel Trumpet and Plumbago create an eye pleasing contrast to the display, set against the background of greenery.

Chrysanthemum Flower ShowChrysanthemum Flower Show

The display, located in the Conservatory’s Showhouse, features a full range of fall colors and seasonal favorites. Visitors will be able to see Chrysanthemums in red, orange and yellow, Flowering Cabbage and Kale and Firethorn with its orange and red berries. Also included in this year’s show will be Angel’s Trumpets in pink, white, yellow and peach, Reiger Begonias, Camellias  and Cyclamen in lavender and pink.

Christmas Flower Show Christmas Flower

Show Hundreds of poinsettias will be on display in colors of stark white, hot pink, red and various combinations including the unique red & pink “Jingle Bells," pink & white “Marble," and the relatively new ‘Winter Rose,' with curly bracts. The spectacular 12' high poinsettia tree will be the centerpiece of the show house display.  The traditional 15' tall, live Christmas tree, supplied and     decorated by the Belle Isle Botanical Society, will grace the vestibule entrance.

Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory Floor PlanAnna Scripps Floor Plan