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311 FAQs

What is 311?

311 is a toll-free, non-emergency number. Dial 311 from anywhere within the city of Detroit for information or requests for City services.  311 is your One Call to City Hall. No more trying to keep track of different phone numbers for City departments. 311 greatly improves the City's customer service to residents by tracking service requests and making it easier to get in touch with City government.

How do I reach 311?

Dial 3-1-1 if AT&T is your local phone carrier or (313) 224 INFO (4636).

Is the call to 311 a free cell phone call?

No, calls to 311 are normal billable calls.

Can calls to 311 be made from outside of the city boundaries?

Yes, calls to 311 can  be made from outside of city boundaries and also from a cellular phone, by dialing (313) 224-INFO (4636).

When can I call 311?

The 311 Call Center is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and is closed on weekends and holidays. Our operators are available to take calls anytime during our normal business hours

Will I be connected to an automated message system?

The 311 Call Center is staffed by live, trained, knowledgeable professionals who are ready to assist you with your requests or, in some instances, provide you with direct access to the department or service that is needed. The 311 Call Center is multilingual, and equipped with TDD for the hearing impaired.

When should I call 311, and what types of services can 311 assist me with?

311 is for city services and City of Detroit event information. 311 will provide callers with accurate information about City services, locations, phone numbers, hours of operation, and other general information.

Click link to see a list of services that may be requested by dialing 311
Service Request Type

Will complaints require names?

Name, address and phone number will be required for some call types to allow for departmental follow-up.

Is 311 accessible to callers with limited knowledge of English?

Yes, the 311 Call Center subscribes to a language interpretation service.

What happens after I call 311?

For services requested, you will be issued a service request number. City departments will respond to all 311 service requests in the order in which they are received. Your request will be logged into an advanced tracking system that means that departments will be held accountable for responding in an efficient manner. The system will also allow you to call for an update on the status of your request.

Will the 311 Call Center follow up on a citizen's request?

Our operators at the 311 Call Center can check the status of a service request, but the task of ensuring that a job is complete is still the responsibility of the particular department handling the request.

Can I still call a department directly if I know the number?

311 is the only phone number you need for City of Detroit government information and City services.

How will police, fire or medical emergency calls be handled?

In the case of police, fire or medical emergencies, the caller will be instructed to hang up and call 911. We are not able to transfer calls to 911.  Calls transferred to 911 prevent the 911 system from tracking the original location of the caller.